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  • HalfLoad


  • ChildLock


  • Sound signal

    Sound signal



Floating switch ChildLock Electronic salt indicator
Electronic rinse aid indicator HalfLoad Number of spray levels 2 Spray Levels
Start delay: 2/4/6/8 h Salt funnel Control panel: Front and integrated control panel
Control panel: standard Water softening system


Upper rack folding tines Upper rack glass holder Lower rack cutlery basket
Built-under possibility Upper basket height adjustment Upper rack mug shelf: 1 pcs
Lower rack folding tines Residual heat drying Sound signal

Washing programmes

6 dishwasher programmes Normal 55°C/175 min. programme 1 hour 60°C/60 min.
Rapid 50℃/30 min. Eco 45°C/220 min. programme Intensive 65℃ /205min. programme
Glass 50℃ /120min. programme

Technical data

Height 84.5 cm Width 59.8 cm Depth 60 cm
Noise level 49 dB Net weight 41.5 kg Eco programme water consumption (EPWC) 11 l/cycle
Airborne acoustical noise emission class C No. of baskets 2 pcs. Energy effciency rating E
Panel colour Silver Motor: Twin-Speed motor Colour Silver
Rated capacity 12 dish sets Eco programme energy consumption (EPEC) 0.923 kWh/cycle Eco programme energy consumption (EPEC) per 100 cycles 92 kWh/100

HalfLoad HalfLoad

but without waiting for a full load. Add as much as we like to our dishwasher, and use the HalfLoad function. Each spray arm works alternately with all the others, all dishes are cleaned perfectly and we enjoy savings of up to 20% in water and energy.

ChildLock ChildLock

The dishwasher can be easily protected from the carefree frolics of children by locking out the controls. We no longer need to worry about any accidental switching off the dishwasher or changes to the settings. Everything is washed according to plan!

  • Sound signal

    Sound signal

    The dishwasher uses a modulated sound tone to indicate a finished washing cycle, ready to be unloaded so nothing is left in for longer than required, especially when we are in a hurry. A long and steady tone is used to indicate a problem that we need to solve now.

Service and support

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