EGSPV 596 200

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  • ZoneWash


  • BlueDot


  • AquaStop




Control panel: Fully integrated control panel Button Floating switch
Electronic salt indicator Electronic rinse aid indicator ZoneWash
Start delay: 1-24 h Number of spray levels 3 Spray Levels Add+
AntiBacteria Filter Adjustable feet: 3 pcs EcoBar
Extra Drying Salt funnel Turbidity sensor
Control panel: standard Water softening system Display: 7-segment LED


Up&Down system Upper rack folding tines BlueDot
AquaStop No. of baskets: 3 pcs CleanReminder
Decorative handle for the lower basket Upper rack glass holder AutoOpen Off
OpenDry Upper rack mug shelf: 1 pcs Lower rack folding tines
Upper rack decorative handle Sound signal

Dishwashing programmes

7 dishwasher programmes 1 hour 60°C/60 min. Auto 55-65ºC /80-150 min.
Autocleaning 70℃ /145 min. Eco 50℃ /198min. programme Hygiene 70℃ /200 min.
Soak 15min Silence 60℃ / 270 min.

Technical data

Height 81.5 cm Width 59.8 cm Depth 55 cm
Noise level 44 dB Net weight 37 kg Eco programme energy consumption (EPEC) 0.849 kWh/cycle
Power cord length 1.5 m Water inlet hose 1.5 m Eco programme energy consumption (EPEC) per 100 cycles 85 kWh/100
Eco programme water consumption (EPWC) 10 l/cycle Water outlet hose 1.4 m Rated capacity 14 dish sets
Motor: Twin-Speed motor Airborne acoustical noise emission class B Colour Galvanized sides and outer door
Energy effciency rating D Panel colour Black

ZoneWash ZoneWash

What if our dishes are sometimes not very dirty, yet we still need them clean? Now we can add less than a full load and choose the rack in which we want it all washed with ZoneWash. By selecting the top sprinkler only the items in the top rack(s) are washed, while by selecting the bottom sprinkler only the items in the bottom rack are washed. If we still want to wash a partial load with both sprinklers selected, they operate alternately. This provides tangible energy and money savings.

BlueDot BlueDot

Amica appliances are sometimes so quiet that it is hard to know if they are running or not. This is why the BlueDot LED installed at the door bottom casts a beam of light on the floor, to let you know that the dishwasher is running. When dishwashing is finished, the light starts flashing before switching off. Now you know exactly when everything is done.

  • AquaStop


    No dishwasher should risk flooding our home! If there is a water leak inside the dishwasher, the AquaStop system is triggered and automatically cuts off the water supply at the dishwasher inlet. Now we can be fully confident that no dishwasher accident will leave our home flooded — or our neighbour’s on the floor below.

  • Sound signal

    Sound signal

    The dishwasher uses a modulated sound tone to indicate a finished washing cycle, ready to be unloaded so nothing is left in for longer than required, especially when we are in a hurry. A long and steady tone is used to indicate a problem that we need to solve now.

Service and support

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