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  • Total NoFrost

    Total NoFrost

  • Super Cooling function

    Super Cooling function

  • Super Freezing function

    Super Freezing function



Door ajar alarm Super Cooling function Super Freezing function
ECO function Holiday Function Universal door L/R
Fruit and vegetable container: 1 pcs Freezer drawers: 3 pcs SafetyGlass: 3+1 pcs
DoorShelf: 4 pcs AirFlow Control system: Simple InsideControl
LED lighting Total NoFrost


Egg tray Ice cube tray Front adjustable feet
Front&back shelf frames

Technical data

Height 185.5 cm Width 59.5 cm Depth 64.2 cm
Refrigerant : R600a Noise level 41 dB Safe temperature in case of power supply failure 6 h
Annual energy consumption 305.14 kWh Freezing performance/efficiency 4.5 kg/24h Type of electric plug: Euro
Colour Black Power cord length 190 cm Power supply voltage 220-240 V
Climate class SN-T Wheels: rear Freezing class */****

Total NoFrost Total NoFrost

Does anyone enjoy defrosting a fridge? Now it is no longer necessary! The Total NoFrost technology maintains steady control over the humidity level in the fridge and freezer, which means no frost inside. No frost means no defrosting! NoFrost also allows better hygiene and longer freshness of the products because constant temperature in the whole fridge limits the risk of bacterial growth. This saves us time and money!

Super Cooling function Super Cooling function

A party? Expecting guests? When we need to cool more than one product at a time, it’s time for the SuperCool feature! It quickly cools a large number of products at the same time. Why is this important? The shorter the cooling process, the longer the products stay fresh and nutritious. Thanks to optimised energy usage, we cut our refrigeration costs. More convenient, healthier and thriftier!

  • Super Freezing function

    Super Freezing function

    Sometimes we make more food than usual, and some needs to be frozen for later. The Super Freeze feature allows the refrigerator to be prepared to freeze a large number of products at the same time. Why is this important? The shorter the freezing process, the longer the products stay fresh and nutritious. Thanks to optimised energy use, the energy costs are frozen too. More convenient, healthier and thriftier!

  • Holiday Function

    Holiday Function

    Leaving for longer, but the refrigerator still runs in full swing and uses too much energy? Not anymore! The Holiday feature in Amica refrigerators allows us to switch to a low-energy mode when we leave home for a bit longer. It keeps the temperature low enough to prevent the stale odours typical of turning the refrigerator off for longer periods. Energy consumption is noticeably lower than in the normal cooling mode. The Holiday feature does not affect the freezer, so our long-term supplies remain intact. Save money... on holiday!

  • Door ajar alarm

    Door ajar alarm

    We open the fridge, take out something tasty, close the door and... after an hour we see the door is ajar! How much energy was wasted? How many products were spoiled? Too many ... With the Door Ajar alarm in Amica fridges, such things become a thing of the past. When a door stays open for more than 90 seconds, the light and/or sound alarm is switched on and only switches off when the door is closed. This means comfort, convenience and savings. The products are protected from spoiling, while the fridge does not ice up and requires no defrosting.

  • ECO function

    ECO function

    Why overpay for energy consumption? Let’s use the Eco function! It automatically sets the temperature to 4°C in the cooler and to -18°C in the freezer, so the refrigerator cools and freezes with optimized energy consumption. This means we save energy and the environment.

  • LED lighting

    LED lighting

    Sustainability and smart design in one? Amica fridges mean both! Thanks to the LEDs installed in the refrigerator, we see everything in a better light. Using LED technology, we care for the environment and our budget by using less energy. If we appreciate good design, then the elegance of white light will appeal to us... Environmentally friendly, money-saving and with taste!

  • Universal door L/R

    Universal door L/R

    The fridge fits perfectly in the kitchen, but the door opens the wrong way? No problem! The fridges with Universal L/R doors have the door mounting holes on both sides, so we can choose the opening direction. What if we rearrange the kitchen or move to another home? It is a universal solution, the door opening direction can be changed at any time. We install. We decide.

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