Buying a freezer: practical tips

In the kitchen or garage?
The best spots for a freezer are locations which are not heated in the winter, such as a garage or pantry. They create a great opportunity to save on energy, and if we go for energy class A++ then our electricity bills won't change much. Of course we can always place the freezer right where we need it, like in the kitchen.
We should also pay attention to the noise rating. With a noise level of merely 40 decibels, Amica freezers are particularly quiet, which means we can place ours in an open-plan kitchen and living room combo.

Perfect dimensions
The size of the freezer matters. Think about how often we need to use it and how many products should be kept frozen. Those with a capacity of over 200 litres are a good pick for households storing large amounts of food, such as fruit from a home orchard or meat from home-reared animals. A chest freezer is the best option in such cases, as it offers enough space for storing bulky products. If space is limited, we can opt for a free-standing unit, like one featuring BigBox Drawers. There are also small freezers with a compact form factor which fit neatly under the counter.

Frozen food is healthy
It turns out that freezing food, while it has its opponents, does not really affect nutritional value. Quite the contrary, freezing is a great way to enjoy off-season fruit and vegetables and add variety to our diet.
We can blend them before freezing to save space. Always dry the products thoroughly before putting them in the freezer so we don't store unnecessary water.

More than stocking up on supplies
The ability to store large quantities of food is just one of the benefits of a freezer. We can also instantly cool drinks with the Party function, and make ice cubes and ice cream. When making chilled treats, use the SuperFreeze function to shorten the waiting time.

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