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ED57638BA+ Q-TYPE WiFi

Built-in oven

  • Number of oven functions: 12

    Number of oven functions: 12

  • Side racks

    Side racks

  • Preheating in 3 minutes

    Preheating in 3 minutes

Built-in oven

    • Number of oven functions: 12
    • Number of preset baking programmes: 19
    • Preheating in 3 minutes
    • Oven type: electric
  • Equipment

    • Catalytic cleaning

      Had enough of scrubbing your oven? We have a way out! Amica ovens feature porous catalytic panels on the side and back walls. The porous texture breaks down the particles of grime and grease. To clean the panels, just turn on the oven at 250 ⁰C for one hour. This means cleaning is a pleasure, with nothing but convenience.

    • Illuminated handle

      You care for your kitchen and want it to be arranged stylishly and functionally. Then Illuminated push-pull knobs will perfectly match your view of an ideal kitchen. Their red lighting turns on automatically when you move the knobs, so you can easily set the desired value, even with low lighting.

    • Telescopic guides Telescopic guides with 75% extension with STOP function: 2
    • Drying shelf: 1
    • WiFi - smartphone control
    • Recipes on the door
    • Easy-cleaning door system

      You know how difficult it is to clean the oven door and panes, and especially their edges and corners. The doors in Amica ovens are equipped with special hinges that allow quick and easy removal. With the clips, you can remove the doors, and clean them safely. After removing the door, you gain better access to the inside of the oven, and you can clean it easily.

    • Display lock-up
    • Side racks
    • Number of baking trays: 2
    • HotAir circulation

      The HotAir feature recirculates the hot air in the oven to maintain a uniform temperature. The HotAir feature uses the bottom heater and the top heater or ring heater. Each HotAir oven has a fan to recirculate the hot air uniformly throughout the oven interior.

    • Deep tray: 1
    • LED display with preset programmes (Tc)
    • Type of front Matt finish
    • Non-stick trays
    • Flat tray: 1
    • Reflex glass
    • SoftClose

      The jarring noise of slamming the oven door shut is now a thing of the past! The hinges have special gas springs to decelerate the oven door just before closing it shut. Soft Close means convenience and safety in our kitchen.

    • Standard lighting
    • Type of front 3-glazed door
  • Technical data

    • Depth 57.5 cm
    • Height 59.5 cm
    • Width 59.5 cm
    • Oven capacity 77 l
    • Top heater 900 W
    • Bottom heater 1100 W
    • Ring heater 2100 W
    • Net weight 48.1 kg
    • Total power 3.6 kW
    • Energy consumption for conventional mode 0.99 kWh
    • Niche depth 56 cm
    • Energy consumption for fan-forced mode 0.71 kWh
    • Cavity colour: Black
    • Niche height 59.5 cm
    • Energy class A+
    • Colour Black mat
    • Niche width 56 cm
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